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    I'm the daughter of Mexican immigrants and an early-stage investor that backs community-driven startups in the US & LATAM at Ganas Ventures. I'm on a mission to change the narrative about who's an investor, who we invest in, and the types of founders that build unicorns. One day, I'm going to be on the Midas List. So, if you're a unicorn-building founder or an LP that is looking for top-performing emerging fund managers, I want to get to know you. If you're curious about why, keep reading and subscribe to my newsletter.
  • 👋🏽 Founders

    Founder: why should I take your money? I care and am willing to roll up my sleeves to support you through capital, connections, content, and collaboration. For reference, I received the Founder Advocate, Actually Helpful, and the Investor of the Year awards.


    Founder: but, how can you help me specifically? I can connect you to resources to achieve your milestones and lend you my expertise in community-driven GTM, B2B sales, storytelling, and navigating the startup-investor world as an underestimated founder. You can get a feel for my approach by following me @lolitataub and checking out LaaS.


    Founder: how can I submit my company for investment consideration? Apply for funding by submitting your information here. If we're a fit, I'll reach out.

    👋🏽 LPs

    LP: why should I give you my money? Because you believe in getting in at the ground floor of top-performing emerging funds and want to back a hustling Latina investor. I am committed to creating a successful 30+ year fund franchise and producing outsized returns for you and generational wealth for my family, community and me. For your reference, I'm one of The Next 14: Black & Latinx Emerging Fund Managers to Know (+ Fund).


    LP: besides being a VC darling, what gives you a discriminating advantage in achieving alpha? I have made 80+ investments, launched an institutionally backed fund, have 15 years in operational expertise, and built a 44K+ community that provides access to the most talented underestimated founders. All that allows me to catalyze my proprietary startup-investor flywheel. You can get my stats and learn more about my track record here. For the flywheel, let's get on a call.


    LP: I'd like to jump on a call with you? Me too. Email me and let's get something on the calendar.

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