• I invest in early-stage tech startups.

  • Hi! My name is Lolita Taub, and I'm an early-stage tech venture capitalist. I love B2B enterprise tech startups that save or make money for their customers, have a +$1 B target market, and whose business is challenging to replicate. Get to know me in my about section, LinkedIn profile, and connect with me on Twitter. I'm at @lolitataub.



    💁🏽‍♀️ Pre-Fundraising Startup Tips

    1. Find and only reach out to funds which focus on your startup's profile (e.g., stage, sector).
    2. Target fund matches that provide value beyond money (e.g., domain expertise, resources).
    3. Find the individual investor(s), within the fund, who has experience in your startup's realm.
    4. Start building relationships with your investor matches before you need to raise. 
    5. Follow-up with your investor matches as you hit KPI milestones to share those successes.

    Enterprise Fund

    The Portfolia Enterprise Fund focuses on companies across a wide spectrum of enterprise solutions focused in all areas of business. We invest from Seed to follow-on in Series C, at amounts from $25,000 to $250,000.


    The fund deployed all capital and will no longer invest in additional startups.


    Portfolio companies: NextShift Robotics, Juvo, Parrable, b.well, Voxeet, 4Degrees, and Rhombus Systems.

    It's About Damn Time Fund

    The Backstage Capital It's About Damn Time Fund focuses on companies founded by black female founders in all areas of business. We invest from early-stage to follow-on, at amounts of $1,000,000 on average.


    The fund will invest in 2-3 more startups this year.


    Portfolio companies: here.

    Contact us here.

    Backstage Accelerator

    The Backstage Accelerator supports underrepresented founders in local programs around the world.


    We invest $100K in exchange for 5% in equity.


    The accelerator is taking applications through October 15.


    Apply here.

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    For about a decade, I built a career in the technology industry by identifying and providing solutions to develop the businesses of my enterprise clients. I spent most of my career as a Consultant and Sales Executive for both IBM and Cisco, selling their complete portfolios of hardware, software, and services; I sold tech solutions including but not limited to Data Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Social, Security, and the Internet of Things. In addition to my corporate sales experience, I also worked as a consultant for Blockdaemon, an enterprise blockchain startup, and as the VP of Sales for Glassbreakers, a Silicon Valley SaaS software startup.



    In the last several years, I went off to business school and broke into venture capital career by hustling, investing in the Portfolia Enterprise Fund, and working at K Fund. Today, I am an Investment Principal at Backstage Capital.


    🌎 Global Shaper

    Three years ago, I was invited to join the World Economic Forums - Global Shaper community. My UN Sustainability Development Goal focus is Gender Equality.


    For more, see my LinkedIn bio and tweet @lolitataub.

  • honors


    I founded The F SHOW (acquired by SoGal) and was recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Finalist. I am a 2xTEDx speaker, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and a former Huffington Post contributor. I've been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Inc.com, and Entrepreneur Magazine, among other publications.


    👩‍💼Teach Deals

    My team and I (1) closed the first IBM US Cloud sale at ERP provider QAD; (2) sold the first Cisco Systems Internet of Things Connected Cities project at the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Reservation; and lead the way to Silicon Valley's Glassbreakers first Inclusion Machine Learning Software sale at Sony.



    I was the recipient of IBM's Sales Eminence Award and 100% Club Award, Cisco Golden Nugget Award, among other awards.



    I graduated with honors from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations (Global Business). I completed my MBA at the IE Business School (ranked #8 Global MBA by the Financial Times), where I was recognized as "Best in Business" by Beta Gamma Sigma, "Best and Brightest" by Poets & Quants, and "Top 100 Most Inspiring MBAs" in the world by the MBA World Summit.


    ✈️ Life

    Recently, I am a Technolochicas 3.0 ambassador. I speak English and Spanish. I have traveled to 65 countries (and aim to visit 100), have run 3 marathons, and am a former Greco-Roman wrestler.

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